A daring feat!

Today I am feeling particularly bold, if revealing one’s name and pic is considered an extremely daring feat 😉

I am a branded introvert from time immemorial. Whenever my family introduced me to others, they had a tailpiece that went something like this : ‘she doesn’t speak much / she is a bit quiet/shy/reserved ‘; you get the drift. Not at all blaming my family, but this type casting was so much of a norm for me that I grew up living up to that expectation. It was something that defined me, a definition I strived to keep intact. I chose friends who were equally reserved; I was praised for the ‘nice’ group I hang out with. I avoided events where I would be expected to speak up; my parents were relieved that I wouldn’t go to any unfamiliar settings. But was I really an introvert?

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The man in the mirror! 

Ever tried talking to the mirror? Even though it is the often recommended tip to prepare for an interview or public speaking, I haven’t tried it so far. Somehow it does not feel comfortable, rather feels stupid to me. 

Essentially I am doing mirror talk through this blog though. Making sure that my identity is masked behind a screen name with no image associated, so as not to give a hint on who I could be, I am writing for a non existent reader base! But penning down my thoughts this way has prompted me to think in a more structured manner. That was one of the intentions of starting this exercise.

A tip to all the introverts out there : just start typing as the words come to your mind. Do not proof read /edit, but click on Publish as soon as you are done! Do not think twice, else your brain would talk you out of it. How do I know? Well, you are reading life lessons :p

“I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” Anne Frank