Live like a tourist!

“Live like a tourist” – whatsapp status message of one of my friends. As with all simple messages, isn’t there a deeper meaning in these four words?

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So hard to think!

Do you find it hard to think if you try to focus on a single subject? I’m assigned a job to create a business plan. While talking about it with my buddy, I felt ideas were freely flowing in! But when I sat down to put the random ideas in the form of an executable plan, it is a different story altogether 😦

From last two days I am staring at an almost empty screen. Okay, it is empty partly because I erased whatever I typed in multiple times. Another reason for it to remain empty is that, I am suddenly aware of the many chores pending in and around the house. My way of procrastination.

So far I tried
– working in short bursts of time
– closing all other apps and windows to focus more on the current project
– finishing the nagging chores so that they won’t bother me again,
but none are working out. Now I had the urge to post this!

Please help me find a way out!

Mindful entertainment

We recently shifted our centerpiece of our drawing room by shifting the TV. Cable subscription also removed. I was expecting a lot of resistance from the two boys (11 &  4 years). Especially since it is school vacation.  Amazingly they adapted pretty quickly.

Some observations from the past week:

the boys spend more time together:
They are devising new games, sometimes with toys that are not regularly used.

an inviting drawing room :
As we removed the TV and its paraphernalia including the cabinet which held everything, there is lot of room. Visually very appealing and clutter-free.

mindful watching :
We still take limited screen time. But the programmes are mindfully selected and sleep timer is duly made use of.

I hope some of the less evident benefits would slowly surface, like not so dragged by ads, not having to watch disturbing sensationalized news stories etc.

Have you made any changes in media habits? Is there any problem with disconnecting from mass media? Please share your thoughts.

Live life in simple chunks!

37.. 38..39… I lost count as the younger one asked me something. The lady in front of me in the billing counter queue still had lot of items in her cart. I hate to think once upon a time it would have been me in her place.

We live in a time and space where everything is available to buy, provided we have the money or credit score to do so. But what prompts us to buy?
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The man in the mirror! 

Ever tried talking to the mirror? Even though it is the often recommended tip to prepare for an interview or public speaking, I haven’t tried it so far. Somehow it does not feel comfortable, rather feels stupid to me. 

Essentially I am doing mirror talk through this blog though. Making sure that my identity is masked behind a screen name with no image associated, so as not to give a hint on who I could be, I am writing for a non existent reader base! But penning down my thoughts this way has prompted me to think in a more structured manner. That was one of the intentions of starting this exercise.

A tip to all the introverts out there : just start typing as the words come to your mind. Do not proof read /edit, but click on Publish as soon as you are done! Do not think twice, else your brain would talk you out of it. How do I know? Well, you are reading life lessons :p

“I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” Anne Frank