I write because…

I write because 

1. I love writing 
2. it gives clarity to my thoughts
3. it gives me a sense of purpose
4. I can be myself
5. that is the easiest thing to do!

6. I don’t have to worry about convincing anyone
7. I won’t be stopped midline with a counter point
8. that is one of the skills I am good at
9. I am more focused when I do
10. it amazes me with the power of vocabulary

11. it makes me realize many of my convictions look weird once it is out on the paper
12. it humbles me with the depth and breadth of knowledge that is beyond me
13. it makes me more mindful of the everyday events
14. it makes me see the road as a path to travel, not as the means to my destination
15. it gives a fresh perspective to long forgotten moments

16. there is no right or wrong
17. it is not the only thing I do
18. it takes minimal resources
19. it makes use of my most coveted organ
20. I get stuck and get a break

21. it frees me from my emotional deposits
22. it gives a chance to my public self to be more in line with my real self
23. I can always edit
24. I can do it anytime
25. it makes me welcome my mood swings as mostly it triggers a writing session

26. it makes me wonder the power of brain to correlate seemingly unrelated things
27. it amuses me with the evolutionary path I had been through so far
28. I get more ideas to write when I write
29. I want to!

I was responding to the #everydayinspiration. Most of my above reasons are for writing/journaling in general, not necessarily blogging. I thought of penning down 10 reasons, ended up at 29. On re-reading I find some are similar, but leaving them as they are because this is how my brain responded to the question! How does yours?


A daring feat!

Today I am feeling particularly bold, if revealing one’s name and pic is considered an extremely daring feat 😉

I am a branded introvert from time immemorial. Whenever my family introduced me to others, they had a tailpiece that went something like this : ‘she doesn’t speak much / she is a bit quiet/shy/reserved ‘; you get the drift. Not at all blaming my family, but this type casting was so much of a norm for me that I grew up living up to that expectation. It was something that defined me, a definition I strived to keep intact. I chose friends who were equally reserved; I was praised for the ‘nice’ group I hang out with. I avoided events where I would be expected to speak up; my parents were relieved that I wouldn’t go to any unfamiliar settings. But was I really an introvert?

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So hard to think!

Do you find it hard to think if you try to focus on a single subject? I’m assigned a job to create a business plan. While talking about it with my buddy, I felt ideas were freely flowing in! But when I sat down to put the random ideas in the form of an executable plan, it is a different story altogether 😦

From last two days I am staring at an almost empty screen. Okay, it is empty partly because I erased whatever I typed in multiple times. Another reason for it to remain empty is that, I am suddenly aware of the many chores pending in and around the house. My way of procrastination.

So far I tried
– working in short bursts of time
– closing all other apps and windows to focus more on the current project
– finishing the nagging chores so that they won’t bother me again,
but none are working out. Now I had the urge to post this!

Please help me find a way out!

The man in the mirror! 

Ever tried talking to the mirror? Even though it is the often recommended tip to prepare for an interview or public speaking, I haven’t tried it so far. Somehow it does not feel comfortable, rather feels stupid to me. 

Essentially I am doing mirror talk through this blog though. Making sure that my identity is masked behind a screen name with no image associated, so as not to give a hint on who I could be, I am writing for a non existent reader base! But penning down my thoughts this way has prompted me to think in a more structured manner. That was one of the intentions of starting this exercise.

A tip to all the introverts out there : just start typing as the words come to your mind. Do not proof read /edit, but click on Publish as soon as you are done! Do not think twice, else your brain would talk you out of it. How do I know? Well, you are reading life lessons :p

“I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” Anne Frank

Are you passionate about your passion?

I doubt if I am. Otherwise how would I consistently fail the ‘find-your-passion’ quizzes?

‘Is there anything that you feel ecstatic while doing?’ This is one of the standard questions in such questionnaires. Honestly I don’t feel really ecstatic about doing anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t have preference to do certain things over others. For example, I love cooking. I like the feeling of creating something new and healthy for my family to enjoy. I love it even more when I know most of the stuff I used for the dish are home-grown. But is cooking or gardening my passion? No and a big NO. There are times when I hate being in kitchen. Sometimes for a long stretch of days I don’t feel inspired to try anything new and our household would have the boring staple diet. So even if I stretch my imagination to the greatest extent possible, this one does not fall under ‘ecstatic’ category.

Similar is my judgement on many things that I love to do – like staying at home as an active participating mom to my kids, writing, reading, doing yoga, meditating, organizing, de-cluttering etc.

Do you also feel in a similar way? Or am I the only human in this universe not to have found her passion?!

“We must act out passion before we can feel it.” -Jean-Paul Sartre