Finding it a bit difficult to stick to writing habit. So trying to trickle down the habit.  Idea is this : Set the goal so low that you feel you cannot fail. That confidence of prospective success leads you to reach the goal. When you reach the goal, it motivates you further. I have set a goal to write minimum of 100 words everyday. These need not be posted. Just words coming out of me. Without the pressure to make “postable” content I think I would be able to do it.

Along with trickling, I am also trying to finish the job as one of the first ones in the morning. Of course today was school reopening day, all of us got up early, so I am free now to write this. Question is, from tomorrow, would I be dedicated enough to find 10 min in the morning! It comes down to discipline. I am trying to be more disciplined at these new habits I form. At the same time, I realize I was perfectly fine even before I tried to form this habit. So I am giving myself some compassion and permission not to beat myself up even if I don’t end up writing every single day.

Both the above trials are inspired by zenhabits.net. After trying out a few days, I would post the results here.

What are your ways of sticking to a habit?


Afterthoughts on Tithing

Have you ever experienced difficulty in giving to someone you know? I have, often.

We, as a family, believe in tithing. It is not religious, but a matter of principle. Every now and then, a relative would come in our list of recipients. My mental agony starts! In my mind, tithing fund is already spent; I don’t consider it as money we have. If that is true, then I shouldn’t have any afterthoughts on who receives the fund. But I have and am trying to figure out why.

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Mindful entertainment

We recently shifted our centerpiece of our drawing room by shifting the TV. Cable subscription also removed. I was expecting a lot of resistance from the two boys (11 &  4 years). Especially since it is school vacation.  Amazingly they adapted pretty quickly.

Some observations from the past week:

the boys spend more time together:
They are devising new games, sometimes with toys that are not regularly used.

an inviting drawing room :
As we removed the TV and its paraphernalia including the cabinet which held everything, there is lot of room. Visually very appealing and clutter-free.

mindful watching :
We still take limited screen time. But the programmes are mindfully selected and sleep timer is duly made use of.

I hope some of the less evident benefits would slowly surface, like not so dragged by ads, not having to watch disturbing sensationalized news stories etc.

Have you made any changes in media habits? Is there any problem with disconnecting from mass media? Please share your thoughts.

Live life in simple chunks!

37.. 38..39… I lost count as the younger one asked me something. The lady in front of me in the billing counter queue still had lot of items in her cart. I hate to think once upon a time it would have been me in her place.

We live in a time and space where everything is available to buy, provided we have the money or credit score to do so. But what prompts us to buy?
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