Afterthoughts on Tithing

Have you ever experienced difficulty in giving to someone you know? I have, often.

We, as a family, believe in tithing. It is not religious, but a matter of principle. Every now and then, a relative would come in our list of recipients. My mental agony starts! In my mind, tithing fund is already spent; I don’t consider it as money we have. If that is true, then I shouldn’t have any afterthoughts on who receives the fund. But I have and am trying to figure out why.

  • Ignorance is bliss!

When I am giving to someone out there, I don’t know his/her spending habits. I don’t know how he ended up in the receiving end. I don’t also know whether he is in absolute necessity for funds. That blissful ignorance is not there in case of a relative/acquaintance.

  • Am I victimizing?

I sometimes consider my action of helping (except in case of absolute needs like medical emergencies) as handicapping the receiver from trying out all possibilities. If the receiver is unknown to me, I am spared from this thought as I tend to believe he/she is in dire need.

  • Would I be exploited?

In case of a generic donation, the receiver normally does not have any means to contact me personally. The donation would be through some organization or as a collective fund. But, if it is a known person, I am worried of being taken advantage of as an easy way out for needs in future.

These are the reasons that come to the top of my mind now. We still go ahead and do the needful. I am trying to instill simplicity in generosity too – it is just giving a helping hand in whatever form, to whoever needs. But yes, these subconscious thoughts are there, which I wanted to be out where they can be handled more efficiently!
Does this post make any sense to you? Or am I going south here?

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