Live like a tourist!

“Live like a tourist” – whatsapp status message of one of my friends. As with all simple messages, isn’t there a deeper meaning in these four words?

Quite literally… 
Our family had been to UK for a period of about 2 months. It was an official trip for my husband, so vacationing was restricted to only weekends. We had 9 weekends in total and each one was planned so judiciously that made the whole trip so memorable.

This sparked the thought – why are we not doing this back in India? What is stopping us from exploring the great nation?

We are not tourists
We stop being tourists the moment we think we are settled. We don’t have to be in our home country to feel settled. We just need to have “enough” time in a place. If we can’t see the impending deadline of our stay, we are settled. Settlers stay put, raise homes, do errands and chores; they don’t tour!

But do we really know whether we have “enough” time?

We maximize
When we are not touring, we tend to maximize. 
We maximize our vacation plans – weekends aren’t good enough, it has to be at least a week long. 
We maximize our ‘assets’ – we indulge in our favorite weekend sport of shopping, buy many things, spend our life taking care of them. 
We maximize our chores – we plan all chores for the weekend, never finish them as planned and carry them over to the ever present next weekend.

See the pattern? All these max’s result in a circle, which would keep us stay put unless we deliberately break free.

In a figurative sense
Are we appreciating beauty around us like a tourist?

Do we have the adventure eyes of a tourist towards our life’s obstacles?

Are we adaptable to changing circumstances as a tourist is?

Do we carry less luggage like a tourist?

Do we realize this is a stop gap arrangement; our tour of the world would end any moment?

Are we sympathetic to our fellow travelers as a tourist would be?

The list would go on…  It is hard to be a tourist, a good one at that. But it is worth trying to be one, to make this tour memorable! Live like a tourist!


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