So hard to think!

Do you find it hard to think if you try to focus on a single subject? I’m assigned a job to create a business plan. While talking about it with my buddy, I felt ideas were freely flowing in! But when I sat down to put the random ideas in the form of an executable plan, it is a different story altogether 😦

From last two days I am staring at an almost empty screen. Okay, it is empty partly because I erased whatever I typed in multiple times. Another reason for it to remain empty is that, I am suddenly aware of the many chores pending in and around the house. My way of procrastination.

So far I tried
– working in short bursts of time
– closing all other apps and windows to focus more on the current project
– finishing the nagging chores so that they won’t bother me again,
but none are working out. Now I had the urge to post this!

Please help me find a way out!


One thought on “So hard to think!

  1. You are almost there! Always there are things unfinished and bother you. We accept it. Now on a time window we decide what to achieve and it’s impact to your goals. In a simple way, what gives a better comfort! Just do that. Don’t bother on other things. Here business plan or important things of home, anything for that matter. As you bother more, it bothers you more. Your techniques are good! New may be you can add something more to it: no cooking today, let your kids go to park and play etc. Slowly, you may get a better control on the items to handle….all the best.:)


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