Mindful entertainment

We recently shifted our centerpiece of our drawing room by shifting the TV. Cable subscription also removed. I was expecting a lot of resistance from the two boys (11 &  4 years). Especially since it is school vacation.  Amazingly they adapted pretty quickly.

Some observations from the past week:

the boys spend more time together:
They are devising new games, sometimes with toys that are not regularly used.

an inviting drawing room :
As we removed the TV and its paraphernalia including the cabinet which held everything, there is lot of room. Visually very appealing and clutter-free.

mindful watching :
We still take limited screen time. But the programmes are mindfully selected and sleep timer is duly made use of.

I hope some of the less evident benefits would slowly surface, like not so dragged by ads, not having to watch disturbing sensationalized news stories etc.

Have you made any changes in media habits? Is there any problem with disconnecting from mass media? Please share your thoughts.


One thought on “Mindful entertainment

  1. Nicely presented the gist of the reality:)
    I am not disconnected from mass media, as the news paper hits me daily morning. I think, it’s good to take a break from usual tv ads, news, etc. At least it can give more time to see each other….:)


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