Read it again!

As a child I used to re-read my favorite books. Sometimes not cover to cover, but a revisit to captivating parts of the story was a must. Didn’t think

about it much then. I might have got a secret pleasure in knowing the essence of the book in a thorough manner.

Time changes and so do our practices. In the ever filled schedule as an adult, if I get to start a book, that itself is a great achievement. Once a book is started, aim is to finish it. No questions about pondering the subtleties suggested by the author or thinking about practical application of tips in the book. Many a time I even skip some portions if I can still follow the flow of the book! Re-read a book? – no way!

Two days back, when I was cleaning up our bookshelf, picked up a book which I had read long time back. ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. Started leafing through the pages and clean up was dropped midway. Funny thing is, I remember getting this book from a colleague, giving a rave review and some criticisms after reading it, but I don’t remember anything that is actually written in the book! It was an alien read for me. And may be because I have gained more experience than when I read it initially, my appreciation of the content is much different. Or could be that I have more time to kill and my mind decided to give its own interpretation to the author’s words! Whatever may be the reason, I realize I lost the ability to speed read; at least a non fiction book. Also re-reading is rewording our understanding.

If you chance up on any old books, touch it. Most probably you would start reading it. Definitely you would get a different reading experience.


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