Are you passionate about your passion?

I doubt if I am. Otherwise how would I consistently fail the ‘find-your-passion’ quizzes?

‘Is there anything that you feel ecstatic while doing?’ This is one of the standard questions in such questionnaires. Honestly I don’t feel really ecstatic about doing anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t have preference to do certain things over others. For example, I love cooking. I like the feeling of creating something new and healthy for my family to enjoy. I love it even more when I know most of the stuff I used for the dish are home-grown. But is cooking or gardening my passion? No and a big NO. There are times when I hate being in kitchen. Sometimes for a long stretch of days I don’t feel inspired to try anything new and our household would have the boring staple diet. So even if I stretch my imagination to the greatest extent possible, this one does not fall under ‘ecstatic’ category.

Similar is my judgement on many things that I love to do – like staying at home as an active participating mom to my kids, writing, reading, doing yoga, meditating, organizing, de-cluttering etc.

Do you also feel in a similar way? Or am I the only human in this universe not to have found her passion?!

“We must act out passion before we can feel it.” -Jean-Paul Sartre


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