My first post

I am not going to think as I do usually. Instead I am going to write. Write whatever comes to my mind.

This post is greatly inspired by one of my favorite blogs After going through the motivational and inspirational latest posts, just out of curiosity, started to read the blog archives. To say the least, the experience was eye-opening. I could see the metamorphosis happening to a normal-to-mediocre blogging style to something that is way beyond professional and helpful to a whole lot of people. That set me thinking; why can’t I follow Joshua Becker’s style? Anyways, I am trying to implement his minimalist way of thinking in my life, so why not this also. Hence this post.

I am not expecting anybody to read this. In fact, I am expecting nobody to read this ;). That gives me freedom to write what I want. There.. I have just crossed my first stumbling block of being judged by others.

Yet to find out what the real purpose of this blog is. May be it would turn out into a living example of how anybody, no matter how much stage fright they have, can live up to their dreams. Just as I wrote that, I am realizing I don’t care! Wow.. I just don’t care what the future of this blog would be. My current target for myself is one blog post in a week. That’s it!



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